Over time, even the most precise sensor’s measurements are subject to degradation due to use, abuse, drift or aging. Calibration is essential to verify the sensor meets the original manufacturer’s accuracy specifications and provide helps the most accurate readings possible.

ISO 9000 and many other standards specify the maximum period between recalibrations as once every two years, or more frequently if degradation is significant during that period (typically one percent or more degradation). Many users adopt an annual calibration as the standard interval between calibrations.

· Kriaz offers calibration services on: load cells, pressure sensors, displacement sensors, accelerometers, torque and more.

· Kriaz’s Calibration Services conform to industry procedures and/or standards such as ISO 9001:2008,

· Fast-track calibration service, typically in five days or less, available on many of our most popular products.

· Need calibration on a non-OEM product? No problem. Contact us for a quote.

· Need repair or warranty service on one of your Instruments Test & Measurement sensors

Calibration Services & Repair

Key sight offers three different levels of service during the Standard Service Period to optimize your budget and instrument uptime needs

Instrument calibration and repair: Multi-Vendor solutions

Simplify management of calibration and repair service for all your test and measurement instruments—regardless of manufacturer brand—with a custom solution from the industry’s largest OEM global service network.

Instrument calibration and repair: Service plans

Standard service centre agreements provide fast turn-around at a fixed budget and protect your equipment through its lifecycle.

Instrument calibration and repair: Single-event service

Single repair or calibration events and auxiliary support and tools to assist self maintained instruments